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Angie Tee's Kitchen LLC

Cincinnati , Ohio

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No GEMOs No Pesticide
A delicious Hearty Chicken Soup loaded with organic vegetables serve with jasmine rice (pack separately) and a tangy touch of fresh lime jest & juice. Seasoned local free-range chicken breast skin-on bone-in are slow roasted, then hand shredded. The bones are simmered with organic stock to extract every bit of goodness and the rich collagen pan juices (minus the fat) are added back to the soup. No cream!

Chicken Vegetable Rice Lime Cilantro Soup - DF, GF (2 sizes)

Purchase Options

16 oz


1 Qt (2 lb)


Market Ordering Closed

Ordering for the January 14th market has closed. Ordering for next week's market will begin on Sunday around 9am.

Thank you very much and happy holidays