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Jaybird Farms

Sardinia, Ohio

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Are you a patchouli fragrance lover? This creamy, fragrant soap is just what you need to wash your hands, or use in the shower for aromatherapy. Shea Butter helps keep your skin moisturized. Small batches are made with glycerin and shea butter, and no two bars are identical. An excellant gift or a treat for yourself. 4 ounce bars are wrapped in protective shrink wrap. Wash your hands. Say a prayer. Save the world!

Patchouli Soap

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4 ounce bar


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Thu Dec 3, 2020

Madeira Farmers Market

8000 Miami Avenue Madeira, OH 45243

4 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Pick up at the Market information Booth, or pull into curbside parking spot

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